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Old 22-09-08, 12:28 AM
sneakykills sneakykills is offline
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help a noob, OC a maximus (asus)


I went through the forums and Im still having issues with OCing this Board. I'm always getting Overclocking failed

Here is what I have:

Maximus Formula with 1207 Bios (most recent)

4 GIGs of Ballastic PC 8500

4870 ATI VId Card

CPU - Q6600

Onboard Audio

Vel Rap HDD

Im an avid gamer and any increase in speed by OCing the Ram or CPU would be awesome!


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Old 28-09-08, 04:33 PM
Olly_K Olly_K is offline
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can you overclock at all ?

how far have you pushed it so far ?

are you sure your just not at the limit of your oc's ?
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Old 28-09-08, 04:57 PM
GavX GavX is offline
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snap on most things bar the CPU Try going into the BIOS and doing the "Level up" to the likes of a Q6700 id you are a bit of a newbie to OCing, or just try toying with values until you get it right. Raise the Front Side bus a bit making sure your RAM doesn't go much over its rated speed (ie not above 1066Mhz) and if you crash, apply more voltage to the CPU and Northbridge etc
Fail Hard, Fail Often!
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