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Old 18-09-08, 07:04 AM
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Spore's DRM to be loosened slightly

After the backlash EA have received concerning the DRM isssues with Spore, they have announced they will be making some changes.

Read the full article here.

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Old 18-09-08, 09:33 AM
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LMAO, it`s a completely idiotic statement from them that they`re "slightly loosening their anti-piracy measures"...

.. that mean they`re making it easier to pirate ?

hehe 4 installs instead of 3 ? hmmph lol

Got news for them, the game is already torrentable I believe (or will be within so many days). It sounds familure, not my sorta game I don`t think.

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Old 18-09-08, 11:04 AM
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If only EA would follow Stardock's lead (with Sins of a Solar Empire), but that's too hopeful.

They seem fixated on DRM, not only does it really annoy the customer it doesn't make sense from their point of view either.

Think about it, DRM isn't free, they have to provide support for it and maintain the servers needed to facilitate its operation all while suffering by the increased piracy thanks to DRM.

Where is the sense in this? To me it seems devoid of all logic.

Most of my games (due to the fact that my two main machines have multiple OSes on them) are all installed 3+ times - on XP and Vista on my desktop, on XP on my laptop (generally for LAN gaming) and under Wine with Linux (Which I generally have to use a crack to get working for that). So straight away from the get go I'm caught.

The majority of PC gamers are hardware enthusiasts. Fact.

Most of them regularly swap parts in and out of their systems, dual boot their rigs, re-install their OSes pretty regularly and move from system to system pretty frequently.

On this note this kind of DRM goes against everything PC gamers use PCs over consoles for.

They would do a lot better to completely remove the DRM, the sales would rocket then, talk about bad marketing!!

My solution to DRM, is buy the game then download a crack.

I did this with Mass Effect (Which I really enjoyed btw) installed it about 5 times and never had to activate it once, but I still supported their sales.
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Old 18-09-08, 12:57 PM
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I understand why people put DRM on, but EA (suprise) have taken it too far. It is considerably easier to pirate it than to buy it. DRM has obviously failed, with 500K+ downloads of the illegal nature, mainly due to this DRM.

Even MS isn't this bad. Last time I had ot reinstall XP, a quick call to the efficient call centre girl (alright that was luck finding someone efficient) and I'd reactivated.

How long before every game is mass downloaded to avoid DRM?

Install limits are a joke IMO

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