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Old 12-07-08, 06:08 PM
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Vista comes in more than one flavour!

I built my cousin a new PC the other day, and installed Vista HP 64. He was well chuffed with it and it was a massive improvement on his old one. But he can't use it now due to a common problem. Basically is is visually impaired, and needs screen magnification software to be able to use his PC. He was using Zoomtext on his old one, and when he asked me to build his new rig, he checked the Zoomtext website to see if it was Vista friendly.

Here's where the problem lies: Loads of software developers are citing their software as Vista friendly, but some of it isn't Vista 64 friendly at all. this was the case with Zoomtext. When he checked the website, it just stated that it was compatible with Vista, there was no mention that it wouldn't work with the 64 bit version. He presumed everything would be OK, and now it turns out that he has got to buy another OEM Vista (32bit) just to be able to use the rig, when if the website had stated it didn't work with 64 bit he could have saved £60!

as a Vista 64 Ult user, I have noticed that there are alot of sites which cite their software as Vista friendly only for it to not be 64 bit friendly. Developers should state this loud and clearly on their websites, and to me it's false advertising! My cuz has sent a letter of complaint to the Zoomtext devs, I hope he gets a good result from it!

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Old 12-07-08, 06:13 PM
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Can you not run in in compat mode? It should work like that, most apps do 'cause Vista 64 runs em in x86-32

Sucks tho
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Old 12-07-08, 06:17 PM
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Nah, we tried that. It won't even install in compatability mode. The screen magnification software options are pretty limited and very expensive, so it's not as if he can try and find a 64 bit friendly one either.
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Old 12-07-08, 08:19 PM
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Urgh, I had to install Zoontext for some1 in work about a year ago. Had some problems relating to it wanting to activate online on the bbc xp build >.<

I did have an email back`n`fore with some dev dood at the time, if u bump this on Monday, I might be able to find some of the info and details - perhaps something might help.

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Old 13-07-08, 12:20 PM
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Cheers, I will give the thread a bump on Monday then!
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Old 13-07-08, 08:15 PM
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Never mind about the info mate, my cousins just had some more news. He may have to bin his new PC, along with everything else in his flat!!

He was staying at his mum's for the weekend and came home to find a note on his council flat door to contact the emergency control room number and to not enter his flat. He started panicking about whether he was upto date with his rent but it turns out that the flat may be contaminated with asbestos.

Here in Donny, the council are replacing all old window frames for UPVc ones on all their properties, and my cuz was having his done over the weekend. He had left a spare set of keys with his neighbour. It turns out that the workmen think they have drilled into asbestos and the council have had to put everyone up in 3 blocks in hotels until the flats are checked out. He has been given a provisional date of end of works (if everythings OK) for Aug. If they find asbestos though, everything in the flat will have to be binned as the asbestos has been disturbed.

If it is asbestos, which I reckon it will be as it's a 60's build, he will have to wait for payment from the council for all his belongings. I friggin lent him a graphics card for the new rig too, until he could afford a 9800GTX, so I have dipped out aswell The council have told him that the asbestos removal firm will do a full inventory ofhis flat, I hope he has his porno mags well hidden

Anyways, back on topic, he probs won't need to worry about Zoomtext for a while yet, and he may even get another new rig too.

Edit: I wonder if this will make the local rags? Whether or not it is asbestos, it will be costing the council a fortune!!
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