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Old 01-04-08, 11:24 PM
MontanaFX MontanaFX is offline
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Hello :)

Hello, I am fairly new to the PC game, let alone overclocking and high end pc equipment. I decided back in september, that I was going to build my own PC after looking up the shop prices for pre-built, then comparing them to component prices.

I was only looking to build a budget PC, but soon started to set my sights on more expensive components, in the end I ended up spending the best part of £400 (which isnt loads, I know). Well eight months on and I have now spent another £300 or so, on upgrades, including a Q6600, Big Typhoon, Antec power supply, more RAM and a MSI 8600GT. Damn its addicive.

Anyway, my main reason for joining this forum, is for a bit of advice on case selection. The Antec p182 seems to be a good case to go with, but lacks real cooling ability. Can any 1 suggest an alternative (BTW, I dont like the pimped look inc Antec900).

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Old 01-04-08, 11:46 PM
FarFarAway FarFarAway is offline
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Welcome matey

Make a thread in the cases section and we'll sort ya out

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Old 02-04-08, 06:26 AM
Phoenix Phoenix is offline
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Hey, and welcome!

Now, as I say to everyone, the Antec P182 ROCKS! Of course you're gonna buy it, cause you're smart!
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Old 02-04-08, 07:51 AM
chudley chudley is offline
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Watcha Matey welcome to OC3D. Enjoy your stay

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Old 02-04-08, 12:00 PM
MontanaFX MontanaFX is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 6
Thanx guys.

Check out my thread! for case recommendation.

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