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Old 23-03-08, 11:45 PM
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Server 2 (.86)

I went on earlier and asked the guys (was about 20 on) if they wanted to try a bit of hardcore and friendly fire on.. It was awesome noone TK'ed unless it was by accident e.g getting startled and shooting at your team mate, or random nade throwing.. So maybe we should have server one as the normal server and server 2 as Hardcore.. So it doesn't get overall boring, cuz i've found out that most of the skilled players go onto the server 2 mostly because server 1 there is "so much going on".

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Old 23-03-08, 11:48 PM
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i second that motion, me and brooksie had an awesome time!
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Old 24-03-08, 12:23 AM
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i like hardcore mode,and with FF it will stop the spray and pray brigade
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Old 26-03-08, 08:03 AM
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I prefer when it's not hardcore. If you change #2 to hardcore permanently I will probably stop playing there

At least hardcore with chopper, airstrikes, GL's, martyrs, p90, etc.. it's pretty boring and too much luck.
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