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some common questions and answers for Vapo LS users.

Some common questions and answers for Vapo LS users.

Question- whats that watery dripping (plinking) noise?

Answer- normal during cold starts, when the compressor warms up there should be no more watery dripping noises.

Question- sometimes the LCD doesn't come on when plugging the vapo in?

Answer- reconnect the plug to the vapo until it comes on, it should stay on when as long as the plug is on. i'm not sure but i think its some overheat protection circuit- problem occurs when powering the vapo when the unit is hot.

here is some tips for vapo LS users

-i don't bother connecting the USB. the chillcontrol saves your fan settings.

-i get the best and lowest temps by cold starting the vapo (handy for benchmarking), but it will only last for 2hrs until the vapo warms up.

-working on the mounting/tube while it is still cold could degrade and tear the tube. best leave the unit off for several hours beforehand.

-if you have any other probs with the vapo - reset the chillcontrol.

turn off the pc, with the powercables still plugged. reset the the CC by placing the jumpers. disconnect the usb cable try again.

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