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Old 07-11-07, 01:56 AM
Jack-Of-Hearts Jack-Of-Hearts is offline
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NVIDIA GeForce card not performing

New to this forum so first of all Hi everyone

I have an ASUS A6Jc laptop, with a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 graphics card.

Other specs are as follows if its of any help to anyone

-Intel Dual core 1.66ghz

-1024mb memory

-80gb hdd

-windows xp pro

-512mb video memory (NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300)

-Reltek soundcard?

If anyone wants to know anything else please ask. Anyway my problem is its not coping with games very well. As a guide for some people, Ive tried Call of Duty 2 (Wouldn't run), Medal of honor pacific assault (Runs average), Ghost recon advanced war fighter (Runs poorly), Medal of honor airborne (Wouldn't run) but games like CS1.6 and stuff run at over 100fps.

I asked a friend who knows his and he said this setup should demolish call of duty 2, so i investigated with 3Dmark06. I ran this and the average fps after the test was recorded to be 0.7fps... I rang asus displeased, and they said that 3dmark06 isnt compatible with this card so try 3dmark05(probably bs i know). I tried 3dmark05 and my average fps for the tests is about 5fps max, scores somewhere in the 600s if i remember correctly.

Ive tried many tweaked drivers, generic, forceware drivers, those Z-tweaked drievrs, Omega drivers, X-G drivers, none of them prooved any performance increase.

My question is, is my setup , or is my setup not functioning correctly?

Any input will be much appreciated!

Many thanks in advance!

Cheers - Jack

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Old 07-11-07, 09:56 AM
nrage nrage is offline
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Accoding to this site

Your card should get, using DirectX: 9c

3dMark01: 9365

3dMark03: 3068

3dMark05: 1448

3dMark06: 656
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Old 07-11-07, 09:17 PM
Jack-Of-Hearts Jack-Of-Hearts is offline
Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 2
I guess thats about right. I didn't realise this laptop had been skimped in the graphics region, everything else has been quite powerful and ive been pretty happy with it. Cheers for your help. I see about an upgrade over christmas .

Thanks again! Jack
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