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Old 04-07-07, 11:33 AM
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PC panel prices to rise in July

Expect PC-use panels to rise in July...although the follow-on cost to us the consumer probably won't be too bad.


Originally Posted by name='Jim'
"Jonathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel may be 12-time world gaming champ, but how does he cope inside a 50c hot box sucking on a heavy load?":rocker::rocker:
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Old 04-07-07, 11:42 AM
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Although with big quantities of items this can appear a large end figure. I can see the sellers eating this in terms of not lowering their prices at the rate they may be at the moment.

In all honesty I see a new degree of screen quality emerging soon. The present screens are based on technology of many years ago. Kinda working it`s way under the guise of HD tv screens and so forth (resolutions u`r monitors could always do) - enhance the colors perhaps.

TVs I expect to stay the same for a while, but pc users should expect more. Not be content with 24" screens based on 19/20" tech.

Panels, meh.

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Old 04-07-07, 02:36 PM
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OLED is coming soon, don't worry
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Old 05-07-07, 07:32 AM
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Yea seriously, even though i dont even have an LCD i cant wait for OLED.
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