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Old 11-06-07, 06:12 PM
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China`s Olympic Sweat Shops !!

I really can`t believe this news tbh.

I first saw the "news" report @ 5am this morning. It was merely alledged, with no proof or anything.

Headlines all over local papers (prob national too, I don`t know) "Chinese Olympic Child Sweat Shops !!".

.. and I come home to happen across the 6:00 news, same headline.

@least @ 5am the headline was "It has been alledged Chinese companies...."

As it stands:
  • Report from "Child Fair" (I think is the name), merely saying they have had children working in their factories over the school holidays for 24p an hour for up to 13 hours a day, youngest alledgedly 12.
  • Inspectors visited the plant and found nothing. The `Child Fair` people said they hid them from sight - no proof, just said.
  • No footage of them leaving the plant. I would have thought if they`re in there - u would see them going in and out.
  • Neighbors of the factory have no idea what the bbc reporter is talking about.
  • 2 people don`t want to be filmed leaving work. - well I don`t particularly like people sticking cameras in my face either, doesn`t mean anything - and I don`t have 12 year olds working for me. No translation of what was said between them and reporter.
  • Plant manager said they`ve never had children working there - the only on-camera fact we have, although u don`t get the feeling he totally understood what the reporter asked him. I kinda think they have had kids working there in the school holidays. 24p ? that`s 50c an hour don`t forget, and for the reported alledged 13 hours - $6.50, can`t buy much in the UK for that, but in China that goes along way. Goes a whole lot further in the US than the UK.

Let`s face the facts, we have non - but now every gullable news-reader now believes the Chinese are working kids in sweat-shops (actual words used) - and there is no evidence of it. Ask some1 in the UK 2morrow and they`ll say China are a disgrace ---- we don`t know anything !!!

Point is they may-well be doing something - but we don`t know that, but we`re slapping them about - why ?

Reporting in it`s worst form.


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