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OK when you seal it back up again tip the rig around in every direction as much as you can. You may have an air pocket.


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Originally Posted by FTLN View Post
GPM ? Talking about res chamber, I got mine filled to the brim, whats the best practice on the res tank leave it half full or fill it up ?
gallons per minute

My res chamber is a cascade waterfall style, but since I have 2x MCP35x pumps I actually fill res about 90% full. Reasoning is the loop I have has air resting in the radiator. Before you wonder, no its not trapped. Basically when my pumps kick in, they suck the water down hard and that air in the rad is pulled down into the res.

When the pumps operate, the res waterlevel drops to around 70% and the air ends up in the res chamber giving me a nice waterfall looking flow.

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