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Old 23-01-19, 01:41 PM
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Odd Windows 10 Pagefile issue

Hi all,

This is an odd one...

I have custom page file on my D: Drive, it's always been there since the PC was built and worked just fine. Booting this machine last night, I was greeted with the "Windows has created a temporary pagefile" message and, sure enough, there's now an additional pagefile on my C: Drive. The one on my D: drive remains. However, the "total pagefile space" is that of the temporary C: drive one only.

So, in essence, Windows cannot see ANY pagefile I set up on my D: Drive any more. No matter what I do - and I know how to set up and move Pagefile.sys around - it simply cannot see ANY Pagefile other than one created on C: This system has other drives too, and Pagefiles allocated to those are also ignored.

Like many I expect, my C: drive is a small SSD whereas my D: Drive is a large conventional HDD. I know the system will run just fine most likely if I just let Windows manage things - i.e. allow it to put the Pagefile on my C: drive. However, I DON'T want this and there's no valid reason for the OS for force this on me.

Basically, Windows applied an update yesterday - not the "October" update, that still hasn't been pushed to this machine - and the very next boot I started getting this Pagefile issue, so it appear to be 100% a weird artefact of the update.

Does anyone have any ideas? Please don't post how to move my Pagefile.sys, I know how to do that. The issue is Windows NOT seeing the Pagefile unless it's on C: thus force-creating one.

I suspect this is one that'll have to be fixed by an update - Windows Update broke it, so Windows Update should fix it. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this.


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