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Old 08-04-20, 03:12 AM
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Hello everyone,

So maybe a bit of a newbie question to you all, but I'm currently on BIOS 2703, which the retailer that I purchased the motherboard from updated for me to support my 3700X.

I'm aware that there's an 3004 version now, but I'm a bit afraid to update it in case it might brick the motherboard.

And if anyone is asking, nothing is wrong with my current system, it's working just fine. Although, I know now a days it's a good practice to keep the BIOS up to date for the most recent performance improvements etc.

Can anyone clarify if the BIOS is a CAP file? And if you would choose another file that isn't a CAP in the BIOS to update, will the motherboard tell you that it's a wrong file or will it try to update anyway and potentially break something?

I'm an experienced PC builder, yet when it comes to the BIOS, overclocking etc, I have some experience, but never needed to actually update the BIOS, hence my fear and this thread.

I would update it using a USB flashdrive on a USB port on the back of the motherboard, in case anyone wonders.

Thank you,

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Old 08-04-20, 08:18 AM
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Any other file wont show up in the update list normally, only the cap files show when you select the usb stick in the bios. Just make sure nobody hoovering, or washing machine is not running as you dont want the electric to trip whilst updating.

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Old 08-04-20, 08:27 AM
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I have an ASUS board too and when you download the BIOS file it should come with a little tool called "BIOS Renamer" or something similar, you simply click it and it renames the bios for you.

You can then go into the BIOS and use (assuming you mobo has it) EZ Flash, you can then select the drive and the BIOS file. The system will check the fill and if it's not the correct one or a BIOS file it will tell you. IF it is a valid file it will confirm the BIOS version then ask if you wish to apply the update.

I've updated my mobo with every single BIOS update that has been released and never has an issue.

The only cautionary tale I would tell is to have a look around on forums first to see if the BIOS is OK as the last one I updated my Mobo with has several issues.
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Old 08-04-20, 09:11 AM
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Another point is be prepared to lose your bios settings if you had any custom configs in their like XMP etc..

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