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Old 30-07-18, 10:51 AM
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Just bought a new laptop (Lenovo Y520), I want to experiment in overclocking to see if I get any performance upgrade. I bought this laptop for gaming, I understand this is not exactly a top gaming laptop but I just want it for casual use.

I just watched a video on YouTube featuring guys for here talking about how to overclock with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. From the video it looks like Lenovo have locked many overclocking features for some reason so there is very limited things I can do with it.

I have done benchmark tests with this with the 1st one taken without any overclock, 2nd with a 1V increase on Core Voltage and the 3rd with a 1.5V increase.
As you can see that I did get a small increase in frequency from normal to a 1V increase but the overall score was lower, the 3rd seemed to lower the frequency and score dramatically!

I also would like help with overclocking the GPU, I have installed MSI Afterburner. Again they have limited the functions only alowing core and memory clock to be adjusted.

Thanks for reading!


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Old 30-07-18, 11:15 AM
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Laptops are not normally built to handle the heat.

Im hoping you mean 0.1v and 0.15v increases because if you are putting a whole 1v and 1.5v extra in then your laptop is probably thermal throttling because youre essentially cooking it.

If its not built for overclocking and the bios options are not there then you wont get much help.

I really dont think voltages are something you should be incrasing - if anything Id be turning them down.

If afterburner allows you to make any changes thats actually a good thing. Still go careful though.

My best advise to you right now based on your 1v and 1.5v claims is leave them alone and do some more reading and better understand what youre doing before you kill your laptop.
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Old 30-07-18, 11:50 AM
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i have reset everything back to default for now. seems a bit too dangerous for a laptop to be overclocked so i will skip this then.

thanks for the advice
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Old 30-07-18, 05:04 PM
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With laptops you can generally undervolt them and get better performance because of less heat which leads to more stable clocks and lower power consumption.

I'd just drop down in 0.1v steps until your laptop crashes and then go up .05v until it's stable.
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Old 30-07-18, 05:39 PM
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the software will not let me underclock. default is the minimum and it lets you add 2v but that's it.
looked in the bios and there is no options there for overclock
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