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Old 27-02-18, 08:20 AM
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Strange things that have happened to you. Paranormal/ Random experiences

So, I decided to start this thread and maybe we could all share some odd things that have happened to us, and maybe debunk it together! You can post whatever you felt was strange and you couldn't explain it. I will start first!

Something strange happened to me a few days ago. I hope it is fine to share it here. I don't think anyone else had the same experience, at least from the people I know.
So, a few days ago I was in my apartment and I was reading something and suddenly I recognized the smell going around me which was exactly like my grandmothers. I thought that I was just making it up so I went to the kitchen and the moment I stand up I couldn't sense it anymore, so I decided it was nothing. I came back to the room and sat again on the sofa I was before, and I could scent her smell again which was so odd. When I moved a step away I couldn't sense it again, it was just at this one spot.
Btw she is fine and alive! But the whole experience was idk, strange. I just want to mention that she lives in a different country, so there is no possibility she was physically in my apartment. Also, it wasn't a perfume smell, it was like her skin like when I hug her I feel it. Oh, I don't know, it sounds so crazy...

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