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Old 28-01-18, 07:16 AM
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Fan headers


have 3 fans plugged into the Chassis Fan headers and the Corsair 115i is plugged into the AIO fan header

So how do I plug 2 more case fans into this motherboard have no idea on what other headers I can use like CPU and CPU Opt or H-AMP?

Do I turn of fan control in the BIOS ?

Actually thinking about putting the 2 intake fans on the front into the CPU and CPU opt and then having the bottom Chassis fan header for the bottom fan ?

I really have no idea whatsoever about these fan headers

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Old 28-01-18, 08:31 AM
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You should be ok going to the CPU and CPU opt fan but i'm not sure if you can turn those off in the BIOS which board do you have?. The other way is to get a fan splitter cable

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Old 28-01-18, 10:33 PM
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I have the Maximus Hero X in the Corsair 740 cube case which is an absolute pleasure to work in.....down the road I might put in the Corsair Commander and have 3 x 120 fans on the front and 2 140's on the bottom...all Corsair RGB fans but for now just want to see how a normal 140mm fan at the bottom helps airflow and cool my M.2 drive......it will be blowing straight over that
No dust protection for bottom but have 2 140mm dust filters for fans but someone has sneaked into my flat and hid them...........

edit: not keen on using the RGB because with the orange from the Gigabyte ti 1080 and the surprisingly good RGB on the new 115i pro it looks quite impressive..have even turned the motherboards RGB off . I think less is more impressive
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