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Old 19-05-17, 06:09 PM
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High VRM temps with Nzxt G10

Hi all,

I'm using a Nzxt G10 with a Corsair H55 on my Sapphire R9 390 8GB. The GPU temps I've seen have been stunning, especially after replacing the pre-applied thermal compound with Arctic Silver 5 and making some fan adjustments. GPU temps peaked at 46c after about an hour of GTA V at max settings. However, the VRM got up to 82c. Even sitting at idle as I type this, the VRM is sitting at 61c while the GPU is at 27c. Would putting some small heatsinks on the memory modules around the GPU help, since the cool air from the fan isn't blowing on those as effectively? Has anyone tried anything else? I'd like to do some overclocking on the card, but don't really want to unless I can get these temps down a bit.

Thanks in advance!

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Old 20-05-17, 08:18 AM
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VRM is good up to 125 degrees C. 82 degrees wouldn't harm it in any way. Since G10 just has fan blowing on VRM putting smaller heatsinks will drop temps. You can do it just for a peace of mind.
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Old 20-05-17, 10:35 AM
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VRMs usually throttle before they burn any way.

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Old 20-05-17, 04:44 PM
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If you have a fan blowing over the VRMs and heatsinks it would be worth it.
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