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Old 10-04-17, 04:25 AM
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About radiator placement this video from Bitwit explains a lot. CPU doesn't put out so much heat to affect other components when radiator is mounted as intake. But heat from GPU does affect CPU temps when radiator is mounted top as exhaust.

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Old 27-04-17, 03:29 AM
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That is an excellent video! Really helped me understand radiator placement and put my mind at ease.

Well I still have yet to purchase an AIO. I'm still doing research and since my birthday is coming up I've decided to splurge a bit, I deserve it, i swear

The Kraken X62 is an amazing looking cooler so I've almost decided on that one for now.

The only issue I've been reading is the CAM software, which i'm okay with dealing with. And the hose placement. A lot of builds are having issues with ram being touched by the 90 degree angle hose fittings. The only confirmed motherboard with this issue, i could find, was the Maximus IX/XI something like that.

I have an Asus z170A board with the stock intel i7 1151 cooler right now. The dimensions of the stock cooler fan are x 93mm x 93mm x 35mm (according to newegg) the heatsink sits just slightly further out than the fans do. The kraken X62 pump dimensions are 80mm x 80mm x 52.9mm. I do only have 2 sticks of ram, in the center and end (away from the cpu) but if it's going to block a RAM slot, it seems counterproductive. I DO NOT plan on going higher than the two sticks of 8gb i currently have but you never know what the future holds.

Just curious as to what experiences you guys have had with this specific kraken X series. I'm about 85% sure it'll fit. I drew up and measured the size of the pump compared to the size of my current stock fan and it looked promising. I just don't want to buy it through newegg and it not fit and not be able to return it back to newegg.
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Old 27-04-17, 05:12 AM
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I've not ran into any issues with Fitment and my memory is quite close on my X99A Gaming Pro Carbon and I've only had a few issues with the CAM software and I can say NZXT's customer service and warranty service is excellent ATM so if you run into any issues they will look after you and they revise their CAM software regularly so if you have an issue chances are they will fix it, Also realistically if it doesn't fit Newegg should take it back and swap it for a different unit if they won't then they aren't worth you spending your money with them goto Amazon or somewhere else also check with your legislative body on what your rights as a consumer are if you're worried before purchase
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