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Old 13-09-19, 08:36 PM
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AMD's Fidelity FX has a Huge Impact on Borderlands 3's Visuals

Radeon's Open-Source Image Sharpener cranks Borderlands detail levels up a notch.

Read more about AMD's Fidelity FX and its impact on Borderlands 3's visuals.

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Old 14-09-19, 12:05 AM
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The reason it works so well I feel like is because the art style lends itself to surprisingly work well with sharpness I feel like.

Also find it funny how AMD basically just made a DLSS but better with 0 drawback. In software no less
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Old 14-09-19, 12:58 PM
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Nvidia are bad at stuff like this, it's always been like that. Good write up too and very interesting
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