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Originally Posted by blbk View Post
I had asked my question in the main liquid cooling thread, but I just found this one and I guess it will be better to ask here to get an official reply, so here it is:
Can I control Phobya DC12-400 PWM pump with the Phobya TPC 4x Fan or Pump-Controller?
The pump is 18W and the controller
should provide 30W per channel, so in theory this should work, but it actually doesn't for me.
I can control fans with the same cable, but not the pump, so I am wondering if there is something wrong with the pump PWM cable or maybe something else..
Any ideas?

P.S. If it turns out that the PWM cable is defective is it possible to use some kind of molex to 3pin connector to control the pump through the molex cable? (this cable is tested and works, but at max speed the pump is very noisy)

P.S.S. Another thing that crosses my mind is that maybe the PWM cable is not capable of powering the pump itself and the molex should be connected too, but since there is no instructions and information about this I don't want to risk doing some damage.
Just tried connecting the molex to the PSU and the PWM cable to the fan controller and the pump still runs on max RPM - turning down the RPM from the controller has absolutely no effect.

Both the molex and the PWM need to be plugged in the molex on the display will also need to be plugged and and try the pump on channel 1 with nothing else attached.
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