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Old 10-06-19, 01:43 PM
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it really does look like intel is panicking, and once you disable hyperthreading... their perfomance gets wrecked. Then the performance per £ spent is even worse.

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Old 11-06-19, 02:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Greenback View Post
What would be really funny is if AMD wipe the floor with intel and this challenge become a meme all over their forum/social media outlets
I completely agree. By making this statement Intel really have put themselves in a situation where they have everything to lose with little to gain and vice versa for AMD. The marketing team must be very confident in their product, stupid or both.

On this, all AMD needs to do is pit two equally priced systems against each other.
A value CPU rest with the rest of the money in GPU.
Then do benchmarks comparing gaming and content creation :P
AMD cpus are great value right now so they will be able to spend more on the GPU and still compete in the other benchmarks
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Old 11-06-19, 04:04 AM
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Just sounds like Intel acting like the old AMD tbh
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Old 11-06-19, 05:00 AM
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Who would use a $500 CPU on a 1080P monitor? I think these test are valid to a degree but they did say "REAL WORLD" after all.
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