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View Poll Results: What should i do with my kraken g10 fan setup...
Leave it stock (fan blowing case air onto vram) 2 100.00%
Bring more fresh air onto those cards using pci mounted fans to assist the vram fans 0 0%
Suck air off the gpu using vram fan & use pci mounted fan to help exhaust that air as best possible 0 0%
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Old 08-02-14, 11:14 PM
TheMadHatta TheMadHatta is offline
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Regarding my setup, should my VRAM fans pull air from the GPUs or push air onto the G

I have a few questions regarding the airflow of my gpu fans and psu since i can change them to do whatever atm, I have a crudely drawn picture of my case and fan setup with a question mark and arrows pointing to the 3 items in questions. Mainly its just concerning the 2 GPU fans that cool the vram. Please take into consideration the drawing was done on my ipad just moments ago with some terrible app i happened to have lol.

I redid the sketch i made, into the two options showing the 2 (i only have 1 in the the picture) g10 fans either pulling air off the graphics card into a pci exhaust, or using the same if not similar setup but as an intake...

Now for the questions...
Regarding my gpus ive been reading that when you get into overclocking or just in general it seems the hottest or hotter part of these 780 ti cards when using the ACX coolers (which i have) is the VRAM and it seems people getting the nzxt kraken g10s for the 780s are also looking towards other vram cooling options.
Sine i have the ACX cooler on my 780s i believe i can leave the base plate on. The plate that has a majority of all the screws for the gpu screw into. It seems like that plate should be left on with the g10 instillation. Now since i cant tell what VRAM looks like on a GPU just off the bat, can someone show me on my card or describe which part specifically are the vram? Im just taking a shot in the dark and guessing its the 6 metal squares labeled R22?

Should i find heatsinks that will fit on these and or on the metal plate using the space available between the plate and the fan mounted on to the G10 cooler assembly?

Since im using the GPUs rads as front intakes the case temperature will be pretty warm compared to other options. So i can do 1 of two things, (considering my PSU has its fan off usually and hardly exhausts any heat) i can have the g10 fans blow the warm case air assisted by pci mounted fans that i can use to bring cold air from the back of the case in and directly to the cards.
Or option 2 i can have the gpu fans pull the air off the vram and directly into pci mounted fans to take that air directly out the case as quickly as possible.

Which of those 2 options sounds like the better one considering how the other fans are currently setup in the case? Also would you make any changes in general to the cases cooling setup keeping in mind were working with a nzxt switch 810 case, a 280mm rad for the cpu, a 140mm rad for the 1st gpu, and another 140mm for the 2nd gpu.

Also regarding anything mentioned which way would you have the PSU mounted, to exhaust any case air since the fan is controllable, or mounted with the intake fan on it facing down, so it doesnt have any warm air trying to cool it?

EDIT: atm what im thinking of doing is finding a better case for the setup im trying, i am loving the Arctic Cooling Accelero Hybrid VGA cooler but it kills me that its using 120mm rads, which are meh, i can work with em just for the sake of having that setup as it is, then id love to mod 140 rads on it somehow but more to the point using that with the arctic PTS Power Shared Technology seems like an awesome setup, and the fans id have to swap out seem to be putting out around the same numbers as my current setup, maybe at a tiny bit louder to cfm ratio than atm but id love to have it all PTS and hooked up to the mobo and then controlled through something simple or even better the 2 or 3 drive bay asus ROG panel or what have you, so i can mess with all my fans from the front of the case with a touch interface, and it would also connect to the asus sound card i have.

That woud be the perfect setup for me. But again im ranting and getting off topic because its late but i had to add pics instead of a link :P

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Old 10-02-14, 03:16 AM
Jinxxter Jinxxter is offline
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Mount the 92mm-fans of the Kraken G10 like described in the manual so it blows onto the pcb.
You don't need to cool the capacitors but be sure to keep the VRMs and the VRAMs cool.
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Old 10-02-14, 04:08 AM
TheMadHatta TheMadHatta is offline
Join Date: Feb 2014
Posts: 26
For sure, I don't really have room to bring air from the rear of the case in towards those VRM fans anyways it's such a shame. Just a tiny bit more space in my switch 810 and I could use my dual 120mm fan shroud sorta PCI mount, flip the pus back so the fan is on the bottom and there would be nothing but fresh cold air to pull in...

Anyways to end that rant, I did as u and the manual said figuring at the moment it's my only real option :P I hit a problem though. I tried the line method with my AS5 paste but it think it was way too much since at the moment EVGA precision X is showing that 780 ti at twice (42C+ compared to 25C) the temp of the ACX cooled one. Idle I saw it spike up to 62C X(

So I did some reading and apparently AS5 is very unpopular and considered an outdated TIM among a few other things I learned so I have some prolimatech PK-3 on the way, along with heatsinks for the VRM. I'm just curious if the VRM is fine with the heatsinks being mounted right on 'em since the ACX plate is cooling other parts of the card I can't put 'em on the board. The reason I worry is if I ever decided to remove the heatsinks...

But yeah I'm shelving that build while I run win backup on it and get to moving my old GPUs onto my backup rig :P

I know the funky temps on the g10 are cuz of too much paste and over rotating it when I was mounting it.

By the way I like your sig/setup I'm a fan of the 290s let alone with a h110 *drool*
What do u have your pwm splitter using as it's source or base or what have u, CPU or CHA mobo fan port? That splitter makes me think of the arctic F9 PST feature which I thinks is amazing. I'm all manual fan control at the moment that or straight to the psu like I have the noctua on my g10, my corsair h90 and my h110 for my CPU.

How do you like the bit Felix fans they're not running loud off the splitter? I'm currently still getting snugly with my phanteks f140sp_led fans. I was used to the cooler master jetflo fans cranked back before these.
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Old 10-02-14, 10:27 AM
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Please upload a photo to your orignal post - people dont click links matey

They just think if you cba to post it here properly why should I bother to look and try to help....
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Old 10-02-14, 12:56 PM
TheMadHatta TheMadHatta is offline
Join Date: Feb 2014
Posts: 26
I changed the OP for ya there tiny, thanks for the heads up, i forgot ppl dont like links on a lot of forums, idk y... its not like u can hyper link or what have you on here can you? Not sure if that was the correct term but where you make the text say google.com for example and it shows blue so ppl can click it but then it actually has whatever link the user put in the text for it to forward to or what have you

Oh and just for the sake of getting all the ugly boxes off my case heres a clean pic in case anyone wants to see

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780, cooling, evga, g10, nzxt

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