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Originally Posted by Thanos View Post
If by the person above you mean me then I don't know how you came to that conclusion as personally I think everybody is different.

Of all the countries I have visited the majority of people have been friendly and not of the "us and them" attitude regardless of race, religion, color, culture. Of course there are some people who would not be so friendly but I'd have to say they were the minority in my own experience.

FWIW I would disagree with a "them and us" attitude being fine but as I said, we are all different.
Massively off topic, but I agree with this. Always will be exceptions but nearly everyone I meet are like this. I am a firm believer of the fact, if you are positive/negative or have a strong opinion on something, that is mostly what you see and anything else is automatically overlooked or you ignore without realising.

Its like that feeling, that the moment you want to buy a particular car, then you start seeing them everywhere.

Maybe I don't see the bad side of life because i am a genuinely postive, and cheerful person. So my demenour when I meet people results in their personality mirroring what I put forward.

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