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Old 22-06-18, 06:07 PM
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Basemark GPU Performance Review

A new benchmark? Vulkan VS OpenGL?

Read more about Basemark's Basemark GPU benchmark performance.

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Old 22-06-18, 07:16 PM
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The lack of AMD involvement in this plus the poor performance especially in Vulkan is leading me to believe this may end up (worryingly) being a GPU version of SYSmark.
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Old 22-06-18, 07:59 PM
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Yep can't be taken seriously if they worked with every GPU maker in the world except one of the top dogs.

Although what can't be in doubt is just how bad AMD has always been in OpenGL. So no surprise there.
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Old 23-06-18, 04:14 AM
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There we go. One more sabotage by Nvidia.
I own a laptop with nvidia gpus and intel cpu but I will never buy again these brands. I am tired of seeing the bad influence of these 2 companies.
It is a joke to see vega 56 far behind the gtx 1070, using Vulkan.
Who can trust this crapy benchmark after seeing doom or wolfenstein 2 running with vega
So Nvidia/intel.... without me next time.
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Old 23-06-18, 06:36 AM
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Old 25-06-18, 09:50 AM
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Just WOW... could they be more pro nVidia. Uninstalled and forgotten.
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