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Old 24-02-21, 02:32 PM
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M1-Powered Mac Users Report excessive SSD Wear - May Compromise Device Longevity

Some Mac users could see their M1-powered devices die within two years thanks to SSD wear.

Read more about M1 Mac users reporting excessive SSD wear.

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Old 24-02-21, 03:51 PM
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It's a good thing Mac's are easy to service and parts like an SSD are very easy to swap out. /s
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Old 24-02-21, 04:40 PM
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Yay so it's not just PC early adopters taking one up the jacksie !

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Old 25-02-21, 11:15 AM
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I bought one in November, and it taken until 2 weeks ago for apple to fix OS bugs before I could even use it.

They screwed up the security, sound hardware, drivers, and midi. So I couldn't use with my DDJ 1000

Even though it's now patched and updated, I can only only ever use it with the internal SSD. Full disclosure, I could see problems like this down the road, so I bought an NVMe and a thunderbolt 3 enclosure and I run it from that. But because of the way that Apple have the security setup, you can't install kernel extensions (kexts) to external drives, only the internal.

So eventually one day the internal SSD will die. . . and I'll have a brick.

I will say this, it does fly like everyone says.

I will stick with it and use the external SSD for everything else, and reboot to the internal drive when I need to DJ. That should help with the longevity.
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Old 25-02-21, 04:55 PM
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Not to worry, as long as it lasts longer than the warranty
You can always purchase AppleCare for an extended period if this worries you
or buy a brand new Mac when this happens, Apple has an extensive range to meet nobodies requirements at prices to make your house seem cheap
Thanks for choosing Apple
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Old 25-02-21, 06:13 PM
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If MacBooks are a poor deal, what laptop beats M1 Air's price to performance ratio? Without even factoring in the good quality monitor, speakers, keyboard and trackpad?

Obviously if the soldered SSDs start going pop early, it changes the value proposition, but it's a bit early to claim it to be a widespread problem, and is also likely to be patchable.
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