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Old 24-06-19, 08:33 AM
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Here are the specs of the new Raspberry Pi 4

The humble Pi has received a huge hardware upgrade.

Read more about the Raspberry Pi 4.

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Old 25-06-19, 02:32 AM
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With openGL 3.0 support and 4k60 capable display outputs, this is a serious competitor to a dedicated desktop for web browsing.

The biggest hurdle would be getting people familiar with ubuntu and linux equivalent software packages.
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Old 25-06-19, 05:35 AM
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What's funny is this $45 device is faster than my laptop

Granted my laptop is from like 2010 but still. Even with an SSD it lags it's slow and lags with YT 1080p60 whenever anything remotely more taxing than still videos(as in no crazy effects or rapid movement). I mean fair enough it's a 768p screen but still. I find this amusing.
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