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Old 01-04-19, 03:33 PM
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9900K and 16gb or 2700X and 32gb?

Hi all,

I have a dilemma...

Putting together a 4K OLED simpit build, for racing games and space sims - mainly Project Cars 2 and Elite: Dangerous. I have every component buttoned down within my £4k budget, but I'm struggling with processor choice.

Usage is going to be 75% gaming at 4k 60hz on a 55" OLED TV, and 25% 4K video editing using Hitfilm Express.

Both will be overclocked and cooled with a 280mm AIO, the 2700X to 4.1ghz and the 9900K to 5ghz.

My choices are:

https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Davva2004/saved/3RpZRB - Ryzen 2700X with 32GB DDR4-3600


https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Davva2004/saved/z6Z4qs - i9-9900K with 16GB DDR4-3600

Seeing as both are 8 core 16 thread I know the 9900K is going to offer an increase in gaming performance at 4K compared to the Ryzen, and also chew through video rendering significantly faster too, but am I going to be held back at all due to 16GB less memory?
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