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Old 10-02-15, 02:03 AM
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Dual Socket 2011 workstation on a budget

I always have liked dual socket systems. I have owned a Dual Athlon xp 2400+ in 2002/2006 + many other systems and server with 2 cpu's. But nowadays they are way to expensive. But friends of my had some overstock in parts. So I had the chance to build the parts for a good low price.

So here is my Dual Socket 2011 buildlog on a budget!

let's turn this server in a workstation!

I do lot's of video editing so I really can use some power. The Motherboard is from 2012 and the CPU's are Ivy bridge from Q3 2013. The nice thing about this board is 4x PCI-e 16x and the power supply supports 4 video cards. So it can be build as a workstation what I gonna do. The thing this system's lack over a workstation board is USB 3.0 and Sound. So I gonna add a good video card, USB 3.0, Sound and my ssd + 4x harddrive in raid10. I can configure the fans from Silent to Tornado so i can make it really silent. My current system is a I7 3770k.

I will post and explains the challenges and my solution in the buildlog.
Please enjoy watching and feel free to ask questions. I gonna make also video's about the system.

Intel Extreme Server board S2600COEIOC
Intel P4000M case
2x Xeon E5-2640 V2
64gb ddr3 ecc

From my current system will be used:
Samsung 840 pro 256gb
4x1tb seagate in raid10

Intel P4000M chassis

Intel S2600COEIOC, Intel Extreme Server Motherboard

4u pedestal chassis with 8x 3.5inch hotswap bays 3x 5.25 bays

Redundant 750watt power supply and 4x 1gbit nics

80 plus platinum!

2x socket 2011 16x ddr3 dimm!

1x pci-e 4x 1x pci-e 8x 4x pci-e 16x which is very special on a server board. it was designed to support 4 graphics cards.

Much cleaner now after cable management.

8 stick of 8gb pc1600 ddr3 total of 64gb of memory.

First cpu installed. E5 2640 v2 8cores 16 threads. The second cpu will arrive later

Memory installed Quad channel per cpu

Waiting for the next parts.

More highres pictures on my personal facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victorebart...00000793089122

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Old 11-02-15, 05:38 PM
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Update! Cooling is in! Still waiting for the second cpu

Boring Noctua boxes!

Noctua NH-U9DXi4, socket 2011 coolers

Need to find a longer Sata cable!

Memtesting the first 32gb of ddr3. You need the second cpu for the other bank of memory.

Samsung DVD burner

Enough room for the memory around the cooler

The usb soundcard. Works under linux and windows.
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