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Old 17-08-12, 08:25 PM
robbiess robbiess is offline
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fractal design prices?

as you'll probably know fractal make some of the best value for features cases but recently I've been noticing a slight change in their prices.
most of their cases (bar the core 1000) have gone up in price from £15-£25 extra across all retailers. and the r4 isn't exactly value right now in addition their new series (unreleased) showed at computexe are following the same patern.

are fractal moving away from budget minded people or are they becoming cash cows?

any ideas to why?

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Old 18-08-12, 06:01 AM
airdeano airdeano is offline
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here in the states, they are pretty steady at the e-tailers. just got another arc midi (that makes 3)
on a sale @ newegg with a $40 price slash and free shipping. and the R4 is $10 higher for
now. just hadn't seen it here, yet.. now on fleabay they are asking a king's randsom for fractal
cases plus shipping of 25%

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Old 23-08-12, 11:53 AM
Calibretto Calibretto is offline
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I live in Denmark, and around these parts Fractal Design isn't a budget brand at all. It's priced exactly the same as every other manufacturer. But that's ok. I think a case is such an important part of a computer that features should be the deciding factor, not the price tag. Of course not everyone has the luxury of choosing what they want instead of what they can afford.

Hopefully the R4 won't come in much higher than the R3 here. I hated building in the R3, in most part due to cable management. The R4 seems to correct much of this.
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