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Old 07-11-05, 06:54 PM
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Ultimate Rant at Registerfly.com

I hate this company, with a passion

A few months ago i registered Dav0s.co.uk with registerfly, on a recommendation from XMS.

Straight from the off, my control panel didn't work. So i sent a polite message to them through their support ticket system, asking for them to sort it out.

Instead, they just asked what wanted to be changed and did it for me. Which wasn't ideal. So the next time I wanted to change something, again I had to tell them to do it.

Quickly after this I sent them another relatively polite ticket, saying the following.

Sorry, but I do not want to have to consult you every time I wish to make a change with my domain, I would prefer that you get my control panel working so that I can make the changes myself.

I have told you the error messages I get, so please find out the problem with the control panel and get back to me, Thanks
All I got was the following reply...

Please provide us the demanded. we need to check exactly what is the problem? Until and unless you will not priovide us the demanded we will not able to check it.
That just doesn't make sense, so I said this.


Like I said, i get errors when I try to add ANYTHING in advanced DNS, but for arguments sake, lets say I wanted to add a url forwarding record, which forwards www.dav0s.co.uk to www.sysxtreme.com.
I got no response...so at this point I got annoyed, submitted multiple tickets to all their response teams after never getting a reply from the tickets I had open. It said it had been forwarded to a senior technician, but after 3 weeks hearing nothing i gave up.

So at this point I went and changed all my nameservers over, and proceeded to administer my domains through dnspark.net. What a joyous experience! Everything worked great and was a pleasure.

My MX records got set up perfectly and I had my email address through my domain working.

This evening I wondered why I had not received an email in a while, so sent myself a test message and just got error messages from registerfly's nameservers error handling. I thought, thats weird, as my domain has nothing to do with RF anymore. So I checked dnsstuff.com and sure enough all my nameservers are back at registerfly!!!

I checked my account on RF and I had an updated support ticket. From their senior technician. He said this..

We have setup forwarding of your .co.uk domain name to http://www.sysxtreme.com manually through other DNS zone. Please allow some time for changes to get live.

Thank You
I could not believe it. He hadn't even fixed my control panel, just set up the forwarding himself, and it wasn't even what I wanted!!! I just used that as an example. He had set all my nameservers back and set up a measly forwarding service that I didn't want. It lost all my MX (mail) records and so I had not been receiving email for the last couple of weeks.

It turns out that I missed some very important emails that cannot get resent and I now have to wait another X amount of hours for all my DNS nameservers to be redone and get everything working again.

I can tell anybody here thinking of registering a domain, that registerfly.com are the LAST people you should think of. I am soo angry at them and their incompetent support staff.


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Old 07-11-05, 07:25 PM
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UL Dave
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