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AMD Shows Laptop With Working Carrizo-APU

It's the most wonderful time of the year; CES 2015 is in full swing and companies are making it rain with announcements and new products. One of the more interesting announcements comes from AMD's camp: the American multinational has a fully functional Laptop with its new APU, codenamed 'Carrizo'. One of the most prominent features is full support for H.265 decoding.

AMD showed a comparison between an Intel system attempting to playback an H.265 video in 4K, next to the Carrizo system, performing the same task. The Carrizo-system played the video without a hassle, while the Intel system didn't do so well. Anandtech claims the video was pretty much unwatchable on the Intel system. Do note the Intel system didn't have a dedicated GPU, so adding a decent video card would obviously solve that problem.

Apart from the extra beefy integrated GPU, which supports both Mantle and the upcoming Direct-X 12, Carrizo-APU's are supposed to have a better battery life than the current Kaveri chips. The new chips are also featuring new AMD Excavator-cores and are aimed at the high-end market. AMD will also launch a 'Carrizo L' APU, which will run on Puma+ cores and will be aimed at the lower- to mid-range tier of the market.

Laptops with Carrizo chips will launch in the first half of 2015, according to PC World. What do you think? Does AMD have a winner on its hands?

Sources: Andandtech, PC World
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