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Old 02-08-14, 10:36 PM
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HELP with gpus and drivers

Hello All

I am at my wicks end with my setup i have had nothing but problems ever since i made it. problems such as not enough GPU power for Eyefinity setup so i then got a second GPU then the next problem arose didn't get two of the same GPU manufacturers so i then had to overclock the second one to match the first one which was a massive increase from 925/1350 - 1050/1400 so it then began to frame stutter and not be used so i then disables UPLS which then meant one fan on the second card did not get used until up to 50 degrees which made the GPU crash. then i cant find a stable driver for both GPU's to run on i also had to flash the bios of the second card to match the first one another massive pain in the ass 2 days of ing about swapping cards and copying bioses from one to another and to top it off i have gone through 3 power supply's and i still don't know if i have enough power ffs. but the final thing to top the whole lot off is that i cant even play games for the constant crashing in just basic things like loading games and don't even get me started on playing bf4. i have had to backdate from windows 8 to 7 then back to 8 and finally back to 7 which was a pain again. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT I AM DOING WRONG!!!!!!!!!

so the setup is as follows:

motherboard: gigabyte g1.sniper.m3
cpu: i5 3570k (stock)
ram: 8gb of hyperx blu 1600 mhz
gpu1: msi hd 7970 oc (1050/1400)
gpu2: xfx r7970 (1050/1400 overclocked)
gpu: driver: 13.12
psu: evga supernova 850 b2
hdd: seagate 2tb
screens: 3x acer 21.5 inch super HD all using DVI ports

CPU is watercooled with Antec Khuler 1220 and GPU's are running stock fans crossfire bridge is installed correctly on first pins

thanks in advance for any help
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7970 problem, crossfire, help needed

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