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Old 23-02-09, 09:49 PM
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oops....corsa might be a bit worn too =/

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Old 23-02-09, 11:03 PM
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Originally Posted by name='Kempez'
Nah (see below)

Umm wtf don't do that. Revving the guts out of a car before the engine's got round and lubricated everything is dangerous

My oil is very thin (high perf expensive stuffz) all year round as she doesn't get used a lot. In the winter she stays on for 10 mins before moving but summer not so much.

Plus it's electronically limited to 5000rpm unless the engines warm enough to use the sports cam

And yes revving an engine before it's warm = bad
Yeah, I'm guessing some sort of Synthetic, probably 5W-20. My car takes 5W-20 from the factory, I have the Motorcraft Synthetic Blend in it but it's got 10W-30 in it ATM to keep the oil pressure up. Camshaft synchronizer is on the fritz and the oil press. is a bit lower than it should be. Gotta replace it this weekend. Just gonna wait for some warmer weather. Gonna pull the throttle body off (well, you have to) and give it a nice cleaning with some carb cleaner and a toothbrush.

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Old 23-02-09, 11:24 PM
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oh dear

I watched a American Chopper today, they did a dyno on the Shelby bike before the oil was warm and fluent, they blew the head gasket and the pistons. I don't have a drivers license but I know enough that what your doing isn't right
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Old 23-02-09, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by name='ionicle'
hmm....mines had a lot of premature wear then

usually on a cold morning i just sit with it at about 5000rpm for about 4 mins for the engine to warm up, then set off, if i dont do that, it stalls...

i need to rev it to 5000 before letting the clutch up slowly, or it will stall...

i think there may be somthing wrong with it, but thats why its in the garrage again
well you can say goodbye to that engine,it wont see the year out(will be lucky to last a few months tbh).Apart from no oil getting to the cam when it is cold you stand a good chance of snapping the block--this is the voice of experience,I did it myself
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