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Old 09-08-19, 10:39 PM
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More Asus BIOS issues.... AM4 Systems not powering down

i have update the BIOS of my crosshair hero 7 to 2501 a few weeks ago.

after the update the system does not shut down.

i select shut down in windows and windows seems to shut down... well system goes to a black screen.
but the system is still powered on.

the fans are turning. power led is on etc.

i have to manualy power down the pc via power button.
on next boot i get "F1 please enter bios" crap....

i did nothing beside updating to bios 2501.
i have loaded optimized defaults etc.
latest chipset divers at that time were installed.
now the updated chipset drivers are installed but the issue remains.

today i updated my STRIX B350-F to BIOS version 5204.
the BIOS was released on 7.8.2019, weeks after i reported the issue with the crosshair (and i am not alone with the issue).

i wonder how incompetent these guys at asus are.
the quality of the asus bios was why i choose asus boards for a long time (since 2011).
now they are as crappy as other brands....

the fix for the issue is:

1) enable S5 state in apm settings in the bios

if that alone does not help:

2) disable Windows 10 fast boot
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