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Originally Posted by Eddie long View Post

finally bit the bullet and went and got a new monitor PG279Q. Then realised i think i have the same addiction as Dice , rog fever lol
Tis a bloody good monitor. Have one myself

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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
Yeah last year I managed to hold off until Black Friday for anything that I needed. Obs I wouldn't put myself out waiting too long, but it was timed well. Year before I forgot lmao.
Well done
Black Friday this year wasn't an option because the gear I've got is mainly for my trip to the Caribbean in September otherwise I would. I saw the Dremel 3000 got dropped and resisted every urge to buy one. Probably get a new cordless one when I ACTUALLY need it lmao

Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Prime Day is trash in the US. Literally hardly any tech stuff on sale. The ones that are were marked up in price then put on sale for what they were last week.

I've only seen 3 legit sale items so far. All keyboards. All still $100. Heavy pass.
It is a shame a lot of tech stuff doesn't get dropped. Drop the price on anything GPU, RAM or NAND related and you'll make an absolute killing.

In no particular order, this is what I've got:
GoPro Hero 6 (I lie, I got that last week when it was £50 off)
GoPro Supersuit for when I go diving
Samsung EVO 128GB MicroSD
Cheap and nasty accessories set which I'll replace with decent stuff over time
Kindle Oasis and case for my partner
Roadside Picnic and (finally) Metro 2035

It all could have fit in the 3 big boxes but since it was all coming from different depots it was all split up. I sympathise with the delivery drivers though, van was overflowing with parcels
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I was going to replace my Xbone controller 'cause it started veering left. Then I found out you can take it apart and clean out the stick mech. It worked ! only bummer is I was going to get an Elite controller but now I don't need it haha.
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Originally Posted by Eddie long View Post

finally bit the bullet and went and got a new monitor PG279Q. Then realised i think i have the same addiction as Dice , rog fever lol
welcome to the PG279Q club! you'll love it!
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