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Old 29-04-17, 10:23 PM
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What upgrades should I make to my PC

I am looking to upgrade my PC but don't know what would be most worth while to upgrade. There is nothing in my build that jumps out at me as being
awful but I think that my case and motherboard are sub par, I know that I defiantly want to upgrade my case because I want a window and my current case doesn't have one, if I got a case with a window then I would need a new motherboard as mine is blue and the colour scheme I had in mind is black and white so it would look out of place. If I was to upgrade my mobo then I am not sure whether to upgrade my CPU at the same time in order to save me having to buy a new mobo if I ever wanted to upgrade my CPU in the future.

PC specs:
Case: Bitfenix Neos
Motherboard: M5A97 LE R2.0
CPU: FX 8350
CPU cooler: raijintek Themis Direct Contact CPU Cooler
RAM: Hyperx Genesis 16GB (2x8G 2400Mhz HX24C11BRK2/16-OC
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...82E16814125901)
PSU: Super Flower 550W
Case fans: 2x Corsair SP120 PWM High Performance, 1x 120mm fan (the one that came with the case)

So what should I upgrade to make my PC look good and get better performance?

Also I would like to do water cooling in the future which is another reason why I want to upgrade my case. Another thing is sometimes when I start a program my headphones stop working, as if they had been unplugged and then immediately plugged back in again, sometimes this happens 5 times times in a row before resolving itself, sometimes the mic just stop working until I close whatever program I opened and sometimes it doesn't happen at all.
One last thing, I currently have a 1080p 60Hz monitor so in order to make use of any performance upgrades I would have to get a better monitor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, that is if you had the patience to read through all this, thank you in advance for any advice.

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Old 01-05-17, 01:11 AM
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You should give us a price point, and also what will you use PC for (gaming, production, both).

Headphone issue may be a bad connector. But with mic problems could be driver issue. Have you tried updating audio driver? If you change MBO it will resolve itself.
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Old 01-05-17, 01:36 AM
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What kind of headphones are you using? I noticed a similar issue before with my then Logitech G35's and I think it was my USB port that was dud at the time.
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Old 01-05-17, 02:35 AM
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As Avet said a price would help also you say you want to update the monitor too is that to 4K or 1440p?
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Old 01-05-17, 04:09 AM
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A price point is needed.
As for case suggestions, a Fractal Design Define C with the window is cheaper than most and a great case. It can handle watercooling, but obviously being cheaper, has it's limits. If you wanted a bigger case, then there are many more options but they will cost more. To touch up on the watercooling, as someone who has always wanted to do it and hasn't, I can tell you it is a very expensive hobby. The upfront cost is high and the money down the road is high as well. Since we are also seeing temperatures for GPUs being less of an issue with overclocking and CPUs don't really go that much farther either, the temp drops from both IMO is not worth the massive expense. If you ARE NOT FULLY committed to watercooling and are on a budget and you know you always will be or more oftan than not having limited funds due to family or whatnot, then watercooling is NOT for you. You have to want to spend the money for the small benefits and know you are going to end up spending it down the road again.

As for other questions you asked, again we need a price point.
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