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Overclocking Intel i5-4690K on MSI Z97 GAMING 5

I've had some question on our Facebook page recently about OC Genie and how it works.

It's very simple and you don't need to stress test - However if you feel you have to, please go ahead. Our FAE team choose the values internally and test 100's of CPUs to determine a 'safe' value to run 24/7 that won't crash or overheat.

Below are some OC Genie testing using the new Z97 GAMING 5 motherboard with some quick benchmark runs. I would guess most of you will buy the i5 (with the GAMING 5) so I've used the i5-4690K Devil's Canyon CPU to give you guys an idea.

CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K
Motherboard: MSI Z97 GAMING 5
RAM: 2x Corsair 4GB DDR3-1333 (all I had lying around at the time)
HDD: 250GB Samsung 840 EVO
Cooler: Intel Stock CPU Cooler (yes.. stock )
Power: Seasonic P-1000
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit

The CPU default frequency is 3.50GHz and the memory default frequency is 1333MHz.

In OC Genie mode, the CPU and memory frequencies can be overclocked to 4.00GHz and 1600MHz.

Default Settings: 3.50GHz

OC Genie Mode: 4.00GHz

CPU Mark
Default settings score: 656.

OC Genie mode score: 693. CPU frequency: 4.00GHz.

CPU default settings score: 6.28. OpenCL score: 31.78.

In OC Genie mode, CPU score: 6.74. OpenCL score: 33.38.

Super PI (32M) - 24 Loops
Default setting: 8m45s; Temps: 37~45 degree.

OC Genie mode: 8m3s; Temps: 53~65 degree.

CPU’s ALU and FPU in CrystalMark 2004
Default settings: CPU’s ALU score: 89,412; FPU: 72,864.

OC Genie mode: CPU’s ALU score: 95,475; FPU: 78,149.

AIDA 64 Cache & Memory
Default settings: Memory frequency: 1333MHz

OC Genie mode: Memory frequency: 1600MHz

PCMark 8 - Creative Accelerate Mode
Default settings: 2,954.

OC Genie mode: 3,270.

MSI OC Genie provides a simple way to overclock the CPU, and a good 'free' performance boost with very little effort required.

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