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Intel i7-4790K Overclocking w/ MSI Z97 MPOWER

Here on my testbench is a new i7-4790K and MSI Z97 MPOWER motherboard we have from MSI HQ. I've decided to do some quick testing on the MPOWER as I've yet to test it with the new Devil's Canyon CPUs.

I've chosen the CineBench R15 benchmark to quickly test. The new BIOS on the OC series of MSI Z97 boards makes it easy to navigate and adjust for enthusiasts. It makes overclocking the 4790K very easy indeed.

- Intel i7-4790K
- MSI Z97 MPOWER Motherboard
- Avexir DDR3-2133 RAM
- Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB SSD
- SilverStone Strider Gold 1200W PSU
- SilverStone TD03 AIO Watercooling

Starting the CPU voltage at a high level of 1.5V to find the highest stable clock, I found it's stable max to be 4.70GHz and the score of 924 cb in CineBench R15. Normally I wouldn't advise you to go this high on the volts straight away as it's pretty crazy but I was being impatient

I tried for 4.80GHz, but this was a no-go in AIDA64 stress testing. The highest the 4790K was able to go on all cores w/ HT enabled was about 5.20GHz using the SilverStone cooling.

CPU core speed at 4.00GHz without overclocking, the CineBench R15 score is 800 cb:

CineBench R15 @ 4.50GHz overclocked. The board is stable and performs very well, not bad so far:

Working up the voltage to 1.45~1.5V, the temperature rose a lot obviously, but still successfully increased the core speed to 4.70GHz:

**Must point out again, please don't run 1.5V 24/7 on the new Devil's Canyon CPUs - This is for quick benchmark scores only. With time, you can certainly back the volts down to a safe 1.2~1.35V at similar clock speeds**

In sum, the Z97 MPOWER with its latest BIOS and Command Center software makes overclocking very easy. Maybe I should try liquid nitrogen next time...

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