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Old 13-03-15, 02:11 PM
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Desks of a keyboard nerd!

Old desk 2010-2014

Main items Filco TKL ( ANSI) MX Reds with Round 4 Spherical Keycaps. 1440p HAZRO main screen , 1200p second screen 1600x1200 CRT for retro games ( usually run it in 800x600) PC is nothing special Water-cooled 2600K 680 SLI.

old work desk (2012-13 ish)

Some crappy NEC 900p screens and a Lenovo M92p and a cherry ML keybord

New Desk Jan 2015

Ikea Marcus char , ikea malm desk.

Keyboard is from a 3200 series ibm terminal from the 70s (adapted to USB ). The box on the wall is the firewall pFsence intel thin ITX board with some low Celeron 4gb ran and a small mini pci ssd . Fileserver (not in picture is 8x 3TB WD red in RaidZ2 i3 with 8GB ECC Ram). Trackball is a Kensington slimblade ( need to replace is ball is dented . I use a performance MX for shooters, its crap tho i miss my deathadder that died .

wall mounting the second display for more desk space. Wallpaper is of my new in box model M TKL keyboard made 8th Jan 1990 and first used in 2015.

Close up of the keyboard, she is a beauty. I won't tell you how much a converted one would cost. The green side printing on the caps is unique no others has been found with that ( possible most where trashed 20 years ago). This thing makes MX Blue sound silent, it even has a solenoid that clicks against the side of the case for that extra tactile feel . I don't use it for games , i still have the filo for that, caps are now super thick dye-sub PBT caps, sometimes i switch to the blue and grey ones.

New work desk with the SSK model M and a CST Kidtrack with a pool ball modded in. nothing special going on 2 900p monitors ( with ghetto wooded stand :P) 2014 mac mini with 8GB of ram .

I have many more keyboard PC AT , PC XT , Northgate Omnikey , Full sized model M , 122 key terminal model F and so on.

Case = Fractal Define S
Board = MSI krait x99
CPU = i7 5930k
Ram = 4x 8 GB 2666
GPU = MSI Gaming 980Ti 6G
Sound = auzentech x-fi forte 7.1

ULN Fans + modded GPU fans = silent PC
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Old 13-03-15, 04:38 PM
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Nice collection you have here. Very jealous of your Terminal.
Rig: i7 [email protected]|2x8gb HyperX Fury|Intel z97-AR|Corsair H75| 2x Nvidia 1070 founders edition|Superflower leadex 750W gold|Inwin 904| 970 EVO 500GB m.2|512GB evo 840| Crucial MX 500 500GB|ASUS MG279Q +Acer S240HL| Windows 10 pro, 8.1 pro| Kubuntu LTS
Audio: Silverstone EB01-E+EB03+DT 770 Pro 250Ω+Samson SAGOMIC
Ducky Legend (cherry red)+Zowie AM-FG
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Old 13-03-15, 04:40 PM
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Very nice collection mate

"If a bear looks good in the woods when nobody is there, is he still a cool ass motherf***ing bear?" - JR23
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Old 13-07-15, 08:54 PM
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Very nice mechanical keyboard collection! I'm a fan myself.
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