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Professional vs Gaming Graphics Cards

Okay -
so is it worth it get a Professional GC as compared to a Gaming card of equal power for less $£€¥ ??

My story - at the tail end of 2012 I dropped about 550 +/- USD on a Radeaon FirePro v5900.* It's a 2GB and the benchmarks were acceptable. The primary purpose of the card would be for 3D and 2D authoring using programs like Maya, Photoshop and a litany of others. For these purposes the card has been fine, except occasionally running up against the 2GB memory limit.

I was under the impression that because I had a work purpose as the primary usage, a professional card (being debugged, stable, and consistent) was worth. I choose Radeon for budget reasons. The entry level professional Nvidia gc was over twice the price of the Radeon at the time.
Though Nvidia did offer many gaming cards at the same price point as the v5900.

But is my concern for a debugged card misplaced? Is there that much difference between a professional GC and a gaming GC ? What are the experiences out there? Recommendations / advice?

*Should have spent the extra 200$ or so on the v7900, as the v5900 and Ubuntu do not get along. I primary use Windows for authoring - and haven't had any issues. But I occasionally use Linux and only the Kubuntu flavor of Linux can deal with the v5900. Apparently, starting with v7900, AMD provides more solid support for Ubuntu. This was as of Ubuntu 12.x - haven't tried with latest version. If you're not planning on using Linux ever, then disregard above.
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