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Old 13-10-11, 04:18 PM
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Hi, before anyone sais it yes I knwo you can get VMWare View and view your desktop however that is reliant on internet conection and my desktop being left on all day. I am thinking about getting an android tablet for my Uni Studies at the moment doing a lot of programming and was a bit hesitant about getting a Android tablet becasue I wouldnt be able to use Command line or any softrware such as BlueJ, Eclipse, EditPlus etc, ic an also faf about on minecraft if it gest boring. Thats why I wanted to be able to run somthing like XP through VMWare?

Any sugestions, NOT VMWare View, unles there is some feature that i dont know about that allows you to virtualise XP.


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Old 14-10-11, 12:21 AM
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not sure if you can emulate an x86 CPU for a virtualized windows xp running on a ARM cpu....

but you may be able to run an ARM port of linux.

but you may wanna have a look at this:


....or you just wait for windows 8 :-)
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