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Old 03-12-17, 07:02 PM
LeedsLad LeedsLad is offline
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Hi new to the forum

Hi everyone, came here from the OC3D YT channel, hope you all have had a good weekend.

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Old 03-12-17, 07:20 PM
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Hey welcome to the OC3D forum, the weekend has started? I've been working solid for the last 5 days so I've no idea.
“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” ~ Albert Einstein
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Old 03-12-17, 10:26 PM
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Welcome to the madhouse matey.

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Old 21-12-17, 06:36 AM
Techno20 Techno20 is offline
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Newbie here from across the pond. Haven't built a rig in 25 yrs. Been reviewing all the videos on YT and found this great site.

Tiny Tom Logan has already saved me strife with his reviews of the ASUS Prime A Z370 which I returned for the Hero X board. I'm building an 8700k system for the holidays.

Found out today my new Cosair H115i Pro RGB came in defective from NewEgg. So much for trying the latest and greatest of products. Looks like my build now won't get done till after the New Year. RMA's are never fun.

Anyway, glad to be here. Hope to learn alot!
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Old 21-12-17, 07:15 AM
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Excalabur50 Excalabur50 is online now
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G'day Welcome to the forums
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Old 27-12-17, 04:47 AM
Protector152 Protector152 is offline
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Hi everyone, was referred by a long time (and mostly inactive) member who happens to be a mate of mine. I'm from Australia. Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas
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Old 27-12-17, 01:52 PM
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Welcome to the Forums Techno20 and Protector152
One of these days I'll change my name to Mark Bench
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Old 11-01-18, 10:30 PM
Caspers5sole Caspers5sole is offline
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new member here from EU. just wanted to say hello!
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Old 04-02-18, 12:37 AM
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Really glad to be here

Just wondering if there's any way to check if a new thread actually did post before it gets approved? I don't want to end up posting it twice!
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Old 04-02-18, 09:30 AM
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Welcome to the forums

Build Log: http://forum.overclock3d.net/showthread.php?t=72241

“If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla
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