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New Ryzen 3000 Build for 2019

Thought I'd share - it's my new build for 2019. It would be my 1st totally new system in a good 3 years now. It marks my 1st all AMD system since 2013 too when I had an FX-8350 & Radeon 7950.

Delighted with the result - New hardware is so nice - 7nm GPU & CPU. Fully PCIe 4.0 aswell.

Benchmark of the PCIe 4.0 M.2 drive speeds. I'm liking that 5Gbps/s number.

I had the AMD Wraith cooler in use for a while before I got the 5700 XT, but I just couldn't live with how loud it was, so I changed to the Noctua. It did look much better though.

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