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So a workmate of mine downloaded Davinci Resolve Studio which you can freely download though their site, Noticed it wasn't free as you need to buy it to actually use it so proceeded to download a crack for it, Even though the non Studio version is completely free which is the version I advised him to get as the Studio version is only useful if you have actual control panels and use ALL the indepth features.

After cracking it he idiotically pressed the update button which told him there was an update, He realised what he did, Uninstalled it and is now paranoid he's going to get a massive fine through the post because now Blackmagic know his IP address, Location and program version number due to pressing that "check for updates" button, That is IF any of that info is actually uploaded or if it is a simple software update and simply checks the version number and shows the up to date version ready for download, For his sake I hope it's the latter as he's already mentally balancing on the edge.

Yay for stupidity.

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