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Originally Posted by War Machine View Post

Thanks for that

I brought my new router/modem yesterday i pick up the ASUS DSL-AC52U and i'm just hoping it doesn't brick itself like my other ASUS Router that i had.

I think i got the ASUS DSL-AC52U for a good price i pay $119.00 australian for it, I have found out in the last couple of days that in the next couple of years i'm going to have to buy a second router cause of our STUPID NBN other fellow australians on here know what i talking about.

You can put most asus routers in recovery mode fairly easy. I soft bricked my rtn66u a few times playing with the custom firmwares. Have you tried to recover your old one? what happened?

$119 in australian is a pretty good price for that router. It has most the features that people need and there is support for custom firmwares that have a lot more features. You can install the tomato firmware on that router fairly easily. Its open source and you can play with the code.

Its always tough recommending wireless routers to people as there as so many variables involved and dependant on the environment where it is located. Im glad you got it sorted and hope it works for you.

I didnt realise you were in australia I just looked up the price of some of the common AC routers and the australian to uk conversion was scary.

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It turn out that i did hard brick that ASUS router, I couldn't even put it into recovery mode.

I even gave ASUS a phone call about it and the spokesperson agreed with me about it and wanted me to RMA it i said it's not even worth it. It only cost me like $40-50 at the time when i brought it.

Price wise i'm happy with the new one, Yeah people in australia we always pay more for things at retail that's just the way it is.

I really hope once Amazon comes here it's going to really shake the market up here, All of the big retailers here aren't very happy about it.

Thanks again.
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