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Old 15-03-19, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by tgrech View Post
Little kids will watch literally anything, my little sisters (7-9 yo) will watch all sorts of random mundane stuff like toy unboxings for those little random packs you get. Maybe one day they'll move on to something interesting like GPUs...

I think the only trick to being a YouTuber for that audience is to be insanely enthusiastic about everything to a painful degree. Not trying to attack Linus there lol.
That comes naturally for americans isnt it? I only need to look at presedential campaigns and wonder what drugs they are on. No way is a politician showing up to lie to you that exciting. Sometimes its like Trump just won the super bowl all on his own the way the public jump and fist pump the air with their jaws all the way to the ground shouting "AMURICAAAAA"

Must be a case of those spirit fingers.

:disclaimer: No americans were offended in this post.

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Old 15-03-19, 10:13 PM
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I've found a way to rid yourself of unwanted Youtubers. Initially I thought I was going to have to stop watching it because I was so sick of being spammed with people like Linus and Bitwit (like who the jeff is he? just popped up all of a sudden !). Any way, click the three dots to say you are not interested. Then, when the option comes up select "Tell Us Why" and simply put "I am not interested in this channel X name here".

Job done. No more of the top ten over enthusiastic Americans who get on my nerves.
"Those really high 20 series prices are just place holders"

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