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Old 03-07-13, 04:44 AM
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Originally Posted by MacLeod View Post
If the G9 was too small, youre not going to like the Sensei. I own both (well several actually cause I have a mouse fetish) and theyre pretty close in size.

The DeathAdder 2013 is the best mouse on the planet IMO. I didnt think anything could replace my DeathAdder 3G but the sensor on the 2013 is just surgical!

You would be better off looking at the G700, G500 or even G400. I own all 3 and the G700 is the best of the bigger mice. I can never get really comfortable with the G500 but the G700 is very comfy and ergonomic. The G400 is kind of a smaller version of the G500.
It's a g9x not a g9. In the specs the sensei raw is nearly 2cm longer.
In general i am no fan of logitech mice, they are all rather heavy and the looks are just horrifying.
Anyways, sensei raw is on the way, if it feels like im gonna use the return witnin 14 days for ne reason law that makes every german a reviewer if he likes
If it's truly i will try zowie most likely, always wanted a zowie.

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Old 03-07-13, 03:17 PM
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G9 is the same thing as the G9x just with higher resolution. The Sensei is a little longer but it's more narrow. Don't get me wrong, it's not a tiny laptop mouse or anything like that and is a superb mouse with one of the best sensors I've ever used, just thought you might like something a little bigger.

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