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Old 09-10-12, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Vicey View Post
Maybe I'm vain but the GTX 670 with its shorter PCB really is not something I'd want in my rig. If it had the same sized PCB as the GTX 680 I'd have no qualms with putting two in my system. Again just vanity but I do care a lot about how my rig looks otherwise I wouldn't have water cooled and gone with a Black/Red theme with every item I purchased for it.
No -
But - the only 670s we recommend people getting are the KFA2, Gigabyte WF and the Asus DCII. If people are watercooling then the EGVA 670 with the 680 PCB...
ie - the only 670s we ever tell people to get are the ones that have a proper sized PCB.

I haven't ever seen anybody recommend a completely reference 670 on this forum - and nobody should have the need to use reference these days anyway considering the small price difference between reference and non-reference.

When I bought mine you could get the Palit Jetstream for £310, when reference models were only £299.
Bit of a bigger difference now - but to me, it's still worth the extra £30 for the gigabyte windforcee or the KFA2 over reference

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Old 09-10-12, 11:05 AM
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I had no idea that Asus was selling a 4GB GTX 670 for the same price as the cheapest GTX 680!


I might actually pick two of these up. Uses long PCB too.
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