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2 x rx360 v3

so atm i'm only cooling one i7 3770k with an rx360v3 wich is by far overkill for the cpu but i plan on getting a gtx980 or possable the generation after it still not sure.

I'm getting a enthoo primo rather soon so what i wanted to do is put in a second rad cool my gpu and turn my fans really low to barely have any noise at all.(fans are 3 noiseblocker m12-2 at about 950 rpm atm)

the goal is to make my pc really silent an still be able to oc all my pieces, but i wonder if putting in an extra rad and an extra 3 fans will actually lower the noise.

if not what case could i get to make my pc really silent while still being able to have my one rx360v3 and a xspc d5 dual bay reservoir v2 and a lamptron clw611(yes i love manually setting up my fans ) and if possable a dvd reader
D5 Dual Bay Reservoir V2
D5 Dual Bay Reservoir V2

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