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Old Yesterday, 07:57 PM
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Home Printer Recommendations?

I'm looking for a basic, relatively cheap printer/scanner for home use.

I don't want to go bargain basement on something and have it break in six months, but I also don't want to invest too much as I really don't do much printing, mostly random stuff for tebletop RPG's and the like (I've recently got back into HeroQuest) and the odd official letter.

Ideally I'd want something for less than £50, but I'm willing to go up a bit if it gets a significantly better product.

Has anyone got any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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Old Yesterday, 08:26 PM
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I currently use an HP Officejet 3830. It's great and it was £40 when I got it.

Just checked and it looks like they don't make it anymore . Seems used models are selling for more than I paid for the original. Strange.

I wouldn't use Canon personally. Have had lots of trouble with Canons. Had to help my girlfriend replace and then return a Canon. It wasn't great. Got her an HP Officejet 3831 (newer revision of mine), but sadly it seems to be out of stock too.

Sorry, this post isn't very helpful. I could summarise by saying that I'v had a great time using HP printers and a terrible time with Canon
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Old Yesterday, 08:41 PM
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I concur with WYP. I've got a HP OfficeJet 4650 and it's great. Partner has had Canon's for her uni work and they weren't great at all.

HP OfficeJet or Envy would be a good way to go. I would also recommend giving Instant Ink a try too if it comes with a trial like some printers do. You may be limited to how many pages you print, but you're not limited on how much ink you use per page *cough photos *cough
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