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Memory OC and OC scanner causing system reboot

So I'm having an issue, my new RTX 2080 super FTW3 based arrived and I had a play overclocked my memory to 1200 fully stable no artifacting nothing smooth as silk. I have then turned my new CPU got it stable at 5ghz and decided to have another play on my gpu and now when I set my gpu memory to any offset I get artifacts and anything over 1000 the system hangs black screen and restarts.

I also cant oc the core anymore than 30/40mhz which is insane as all reviews state they are adding 100mhz and more.

I set it to 900 offset and it seems ok but I still get artifact. I'm confused not just by the fact my OC has dropped but by the fact my system hangs restarts. I've also had the same issue with EVGA OC scanner whereby I click scan and my system just black screens and restarts instantly same with afterburner.

I'm ali having some strange system behaviour like overly long windows loading time on restart but it fast from clean boot. The system feels unresponsive like a bit laggy.

Could my psu be the culprit it's a very old and heavily used 1000w evga g2 that a friend gave me he used it for mining.

I've removed the OC on the cpu but still get the system restarts when I try PC scanner on x1 or afterburner and if I up the memory too high or core clock

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